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Tooshlights uses light sensors to signal when bathroom stalls are free.

One of the worst things about public bathroom stalls is how hard it is to tell when someone’s in them. A lot of people end up resorting to that totally not-at-all awkward practice of peeking under the door, looking for feet.
A company calling itself Tooshlights is promising a way to end this indignity—and make that line of desperate people move more quickly, too. Its simple LED light sensors turn green when a stall is free and red when it’s occupied.
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Hack Into A Tesla Model S, Win $10,000?


At the SyScan Conference in Beijing this week, the security of the electric Model S will be put to the test by hackers.

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Join the Fourth of July at the National Archives celebration by playing Instagram Bingo! 
As you’re out enjoying parades, picnics, and cookouts, see if you can find 9 of our Fourth of July themed scenes. Once you have 9, create a collage and post to Instagram with the #BINGO AND #ArchivesJuly4 hashtags and your photo will be shared by the National Archives on Instagram! 
You don’t have to be with us in Washington, DC to participate; we can’t wait to see how everyone celebrates America’s Birthday across the country. 
Themes include: an American flag, parade balloons, a Revolutionary War uniform, color guard, fife and drums, Thomas Jefferson, a red wagon, a patriotic pet, the Declaration of Independence, a National Archives temporary tattoo, a marching band, a fire truck, Uncle Sam, parade dancers, stars and/or stripes, red, white, and/or blue. 
Visit the Fourth of July page on our website for a list of all the activities at the National Archives on July 4th.