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Seamless Data Transfer

Imagine your smart phone interacting seamlessly with your laptop and other devices. image


Instagram for doctors: How one app is solving medical mysteries Sarah Kliff, vox.com
A family-medicine doctor recent saw a 13-year-old with a weird, unidentifiable rash. It wasn’t itchy or painful, and the teenage boy hadn’t traveled anywhere recently. So the the doctor did what any modern physician would do: he took a photo and…
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More millennials read a book last year than older Americans, proving the Internet hasn’t ruined everything

According to a new Pew study, knowledge and the written word can’t be so easily defeated. Despite embracing technology more than their elders, the study found that millennials were more likely to have read a book, either in digital form or on dead trees, in the past year than Americans over 30. Even more surprising is the fact that more young people believe there is important information that can’t be found on the Internet than their forebears.

Alright all you slacker Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers - pick up a book! You’re making us look bad! 

10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

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USB Condom: charge your devices without allowing sneaky data-transfers



Those public USB charging points are tempting, but could be used to propagate all kind of grotesque malware (imagine what happens when your phone’s camera, mic, storage, keyboard and GPS start leaking your data to voyeurs and identity thieves) — sure, you can always buy a charge-only cable, but these crowdfunded adapters turn any cable into a power-only source.

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A condom for your USB? Yes.

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This is how you can be tracked via your cell phone. Anywhere in the world. 

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Meetings want to suck. Wrest control of them with this seven-step strategy.
You know when a meeting turns into a complete waste of time? Maybe you’re trying to come up with ideas, or make a decision. Before anyone realizes it, the meeting starts to suck.
Meetings want to suck. Two of their favorite suckiness tactics are group brainstorming and group negotiation. Give them half a chance, and they’ll waste your time, sap your energy, and leave you with poor ideas and a watered-down decision. But meetings don’t have to be that way.
On the Google Ventures design team, we dislike sucky meetings as much as anyone. We use a process hack that short-circuits the worst parts of groupthink while getting the most out of different perspectives. For lack of a better name, we call it the “note-and-vote.”
The next time you need to make a decision or come up with a new idea in a group, call timeout and give the note-and-vote a try.
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Nice idea to try.
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Some people are born with natural intelligence or ability. Other people learn through their mistakes and become skilled through effort. Most people combine both. But which is more important: effort or talent?
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Yes, effort is worthwhile.

The Om/One

It’s a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker — and it looks cool.